Chinese search engine provider Baidu Inc. formally launched its system tool software named Baidu Guard 1.0 and the company also announced that its anti-virus software has gained over ten million users.

On April 18, 2013, Baidu started the public beta test of its anti-virus software in China and the product was officially launched in June. Baidu claims that its anti-virus software is the first in the industry to promise not to harass users, threaten users, or abuse user privacy. As a Chinese company operating within China's privacy-unfriendly government system, this assertion has yet to be truly seen.

Apart from the anti-virus software, Baidu formally launched another Internet security product: Baidu Guard 1.0. Baidu Guard integrates four major functions, including computer acceleration, system cleanup, anti-virus, and software management. In addition, it provides featured functions like a high risk vulnerabilities fix, computer start-up tips, and product skin change.

Baidu quoted third-party testing statistics, which stated that the killing rate of Baidu anti-virus software is up to 99.9%.


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