Chinese B2C e-commerce company announced a new project named "JDPhone", which aims to produce a batch of customized phones for the nascent Chinese online shopping site.

Nubia, ZTE's newly launched high-end brand, has reportedly become one of the first members of this project.

According to Wang Xiaosong, JD Group's vice president and general manager for communications, the reason for launching JDPhone project is to fully integrate existing resources and to provide phones with the best experience to users at fair prices.

Wang claims currently has over 120 million registered users, of which over 30 million are mobile users. Adding information from its self-constructed warehousing, distribution, and after-sales services systems, also claims to have a huge amount of mobile user data. Therefore, with its sales channel and data advantages, the company hopes to promote the JDPhone project to consumers and realize deep cooperation with manufacturers.

Wang also revealed that ZTE's newly released Nubia Z5S and Nubia Z5S mini are the first batch products of this data-based customization project. All features about the two phones, including software and hardware configurations, supported network standards, and final prices, are results of the big data analysis initiated by In addition, for core parts procurement like chips, displays, and cameras, will apply its channel advantage to integrate the industrial chain to make the product development and price meet the demands of customers. The two products have opened bookings on

Wang emphasized that the JDPhone project is open to all mobile phone manufacturers. As long as their manufacturing scale, development capacity, supply chain integration ability, and after-sales services can meet certain standards, would like to cooperate with these types of manufacturers.


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