Chinese smartphone maker Meizu is bolstering its management team as the company faces more competition from Chinese upstarts like Xiaomi and foreign competitors like Apple and Samsung.

Bai Yongxiang has been named Meizu's senior vice president and president's assistant. Bai will assist the CEO to operate all businesses of the company. The CEO position will be taken by chairman Huang Zhang, who just returned to the company.

Founded by Huang in 2003, Meizu is headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. The company was once known as a popular music player brand; however, it gave up MP3 product line in 2006 and transformed to a smartphone manufacturer. The company has launched many smartphones, including models like M8, M9, MX, MX2, and MX3.

Huang left the company for many years and he announced his decision to return to the company after the Chinese New Year that ended last week. Following his return, Huang plans to introduce investments and adopt an employee share and option incentive system to attract more talents.


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