Having already entered the Asian market over a year ago, the American taxi app Uber announced that the company has formally started providing services in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, Uber's expense standard is HKD2 per minute, which is about CNY1.6, or HKD9.32 per kilometer, which is about CNY7.4. The starting price for a ride is HKD35, which is about CNY28.

Uber took a long time to launch its Hong Kong flagship service Uber Black. At present, there are only 18,138 licensed taxis in Hong Kong, where the population reaches seven million. The Hong Kong market is similar to New York, which has about 13,000 taxis. In addition, compared with other Asian cities, Hong Kong has a large demand for fast ground transportation, however much of its population is spread out on various islands.

So far, Uber has entered 25 cities in Asia Pacific. For the global market, the company provides services in 121 cities.


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