Hugo Barra, vice president of Xiaomi, one of the many upstart Chinese smartphone makers, published a message on Google+, which said that the company gained new expansion progress in India and their Indian official website has been formally launched.

This marks Xiaomi's new action to realize its strategy to enter ten overseas markets outside of China.

Xiaomi's Indian official website uses the company's newly acquired domain Its homepage includes a picture of the well-known Taj Mahal and a slogan "With Mi in India". So far, the website has not yet released any product information. However, the company's Hongmi, Hongmi Note, and Mi 3 will surely be available on this website in the future.

Users can use their Facebook accounts to register on the Xiaomi Indian website. Upon completion of the registration, their Xiaomi homepage will display Facebook avatars, which will also be updated randomly.

Interestingly, Google+'s services are often blocked in China, but Barra previously worked for Google. And Facebook, which the Chinese mobile phone company is using for registration in India, is also usually blocked in China.


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