After two years and three months of operation, NetEase cloud music announced that their number of users had exceeded 100 million.

By July 2015, NetEase cloud music has reached seven major platforms, covering the iPhone, Android phones, Web browsers, and PC-based software.

NetEase cloud music currently has included 1,200 stars and five million songs, and the number of lists created by users has reached over 64 million. In addition, about 120 million music comments and 200 million sharing were generated on its platform.

Wang Lei, senior director of NetEase cloud music, said that with over 100 million users, NetEase cloud music plans to establish a music playground to provide users with more experiences.

At the same time, NetEase cloud music announced that they will hold an annual music festival on August 11. With popular stars from Korea and China, the music festival will broadcast live on NetEase cloud music.


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