According to reports in Chinese local media, Xiaomi Group recently announced to establish an AIoT strategic committee.

It is said that the AIoT strategic committee belongs to the group's technology committee. It will promote the collaboration of AIoT-related businesses and technology units and drive the realization of strategies.

At the same time, Xiaomi appointed Fan Dian as chairman of the AIoT strategic committee and Ye Hangjun as vice chairman of the AIoT strategic committee. The AIoT strategic committee has 15 members who are general managers and deputy general managers of core business units, including IoT platform unit, artificial intelligence unit, ecological chain unit, smart hardware unit, mobile phone unit, and TV unit.

The establishment of the AIoT strategic committee aims to accelerate the group's "mobile phone plus AIoT" dual engine strategy, enhance the group's overall AIoT strategy execution, and continue to expand its leading advantage in the AIoT innovation field.

During Xiaomi Group's annual meeting for 2019, its founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun announced the launch of "mobile phone plus AIoT" dual engine strategy. The group plans to invest over CNY10 billion in the AIoT sector in the next five years.


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