China Unicom announced that the company has been actively deploying 5G network and it currently opened 5G trial network in 40 cities across China.

Meanwhile, China Unicom established various 5G industry application scenarios in many cities to provide extensive trial scenarios to cooperation partners, so as to promote 5G application development and industry upgrade.

The company also established a 5G application innovation alliance, which has attracted over 240 enterprises by far. China Unicom will fully open related network and incubation resources and set up CNY10 billion incubation fund to support its cooperation partners to become 5G application and digital transformation leaders in various sectors.

China Unicom revealed that to provide more and better 5G experience to users, the company launched a 5G pioneer project and started a 5G experience user recruitment activity. So far, the 5G pioneer project has gained attention of over 24 million customers and more than ten well-known makers, including Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Nubia, have delivered the first batch of 20 devices to China Unicom for the experience user activity.

For the next step, China Unicom will further open 5G experience to the public. The company plans to build 5G experience halls in the 40 trial cities.


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