The world's leading CRM software service provider Salesforce announced strategic cooperation with China's Alibaba Group to provide services and supports to enterprise customers with integration of Aliyun.

Under the cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, in the future, Salesforce's core services, including sales cloud, service could, business cloud, and Salesforce platform, will fully integrate Aliyun to serve customers in Greater China.

Ryan Aytay, strategic cooperation executive vice president of Salesforce, said that with Alibaba's cloud infrastructure network and its insight into the Chinese market, the two parties will be able to provide the best localized solutions to enterprise customers.

Shen Tao, vice president of Aliyun Intelligence and president of global ecology business unit, said that as a leading cloud service provider in Asia Pacific, their cloud infrastructure and data intelligent platform will allow Salesforce to serve global customers with localized solutions and provide the best user experience.


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