According to reports in Chinese local media, NetEase recently published a cooperation partnership strategy basing on a future new ecology and the company released its operating statistics of enterprise business.

Statistics showed that over the past three years, NetEase's enterprise business realized high-speed growth. Its services covered more than six billion smart devices; its daily active users reached over 200 million; and its operating revenue growth rate increased by eight times in three years.

In May 2019, NetEase implemented restructuring and resource integration and the company announced the establishment of an intelligent enterprise unit. The intelligent enterprise unit has three major business lines, including a PaaS platform which provides stable and easy-to-use communication and video services; a SaaS product that focuses on customer service and intelligent marketing; and the next-generation corporate talent development solution provider.

Based on industrial solutions, NetEase continues to expand cooperation industries, integrate general technologies like cloud computing, AI, big data, and IoT, and deeply explore complete solutions for IM and audio and video technologies, which support the stable operation and performance experience of its products.


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