According to reports in Chinese local media, by February 2, 2020, China's Ministry of Education had organized 22 online course platforms to open over 24,000 online courses for free.

This move aims to support the new coronavirus prevention and control work and allow students to study from home.

Statistics from Tianyancha, a corporate information inquiry platform, show that there are over 230,000 enterprises involved in the online education industry in China. Over the past decade, online educational enterprises saw an explosive growth and more than 60,000 related companies were established in 2019 alone. Over 130,000 online educational enterprises were established over the past five years, accounting for 57.6% of the total.

As China's cultural center, Beijing leads the online education market. There are over 79,000 online educational enterprises in the city, followed by Guangdong Province with over 30,000.


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