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Konami Digital Entertainment Limited today released the content of the first season of “eFootball 2022” for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam. The game will be launched simultaneously worldwide on September 30.

“EFootball 2022” will first be launched on September 30, allowing players to fully experience this free-to-play football simulation game platform before the first major free update in the fall. The aforementioned update will also launch “eFootball 2022” for iOS and Android devices.

“EFootball” series producer Kimura Seitaro of Konami Digital Entertainment said: “”eFootball” is a common name for all platforms. “eFootball 2022” is the first season of our official game. As the platform is updated, there will be many new content. Features, such as cross-platform matchmaking, controller support, etc., will be launched in a few months, and all are free. Future content updates and game modes will also be provided to players as free or additional plans People. We look forward to the players standing on the court and receiving their feedback.”

“EFootball 2022” listing content

The core of “eFootball” is “eFootball World”. Players can play for free with real-world teams after September 30. There will be no micro-transactions at this stage. content include:

Offline Matches

• Choose 9 completely real clubs to play against AI or friends offline: FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, Juventu, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, CA River Plate, São Paulo FC

• 6 stadiums to choose from: Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Allianz Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Allianz Arena, eFootball Stadium

Online Events

• Use the preset team in weekly online events to experience cross-generation console matchmaking (PlayStation®5 vs. PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S vs. Xbox One) and get rewards such as GP.

“EFootball 2022” major update content

The exact date will be made public in the future, and the major free update scheduled to be released this fall will add several core features including Creative Teams to eFootball™ World. At the same time, the platform rebalanced to ensure that all players can achieve the same level of in-game props no matter how they obtain in-game items. A new profit model will also be introduced. The new content includes:

Creative Teams

• Sign football players and coaches that suit your favorite formations and tactics, and fight against players from all over the world after training and strengthening them. In eFootball™ 2022, players will be able to lock in their most desired foreign aid, making it easier to create a team.

•Choose one of the 600 authorized clubs/teams as the base team. Before completing your dream team, you can use its completely real team logo, jersey, and stadium*.

*Not all teams’ real stadiums can be used.

New battle mode*

•EFootball Creative League-In this league, players can use their Creative Team to compete with other players to reach the top of the world. Earn points to advance to higher leagues, and get relative rewards based on your performance in 10 rounds.

•Tour Event-Play against AI opponents in the form of a tour and get rewards by accumulating event points.

•Challenge Event-Online battle with other players, complete designated tasks to get rewards.

•Online Quick Match-Including the new cross-platform matchmaking (PC and home consoles only), use more than 600 authorized clubs/teams to play online casual matches with other players.

•Online Match Lobby-Open an online match room to invite other players to a 1vs1 match.

*Some battle modes will be released after the v1.0 version is released, and more details will be disclosed in the future

New player types

•Standard-Players based on their performance in this season can be signed using eFootball Coin (opportunity trading items) or GP (Nominating Contracts named contract items).

•Trending-Players based on a particularly impressive performance in a special event or a few weeks can be signed with a Nominating Contract.

•Featured-carefully selected players can be signed with eFootball Coin (opportunity trading items) or eFootball Point (named contract items).

•Legendary-Players based on a particular season of outstanding performance can be signed with eFootball Coin (opportunity trading items) or eFootball Point (named contract items).

• There are 3 in-game currencies in eFootball: eFootball Coin, GP (obtained through play), eFootball Point (obtained through play after v1.0 is released)

• Visit the “eFootball” official website to learn more about player development.

Match Passes & Objectives*

• After playing a considerable number of match types, Match Pass will give players such as “Nominating Contract” (named contract), eFootball™ Coin, and other bonus items that allow players to sign specific players of their choice. Players can also purchase the paid “Advantage Match Pass” to get even better rewards.

• In addition to this, completing certain in-game objectives and tasks can also receive in-game rewards. Players can also choose to use eFootball™ Coin to unlock Premium Objectives to obtain even better rewards.

*Some functions will be released after the v1.0 version is released, and more details will be disclosed in the future.

“eFootball” on iOS & Android

The “eFootball” platform is completely built on Unreal Engine, so it can also get a consistent gaming experience across consoles, PCs and mobile platforms-providing console-level games on iOS and Android devices.

“EFootball 2022” will provide a complete game with a new engine and functions in the form of an existing APP revision to players who are currently playing “eFootball PES 2021” on their mobile phones.

Even with such a huge change, the development team still allows players currently playing mobile games to inherit many in-game props after the launch of “eFootball 2022” this fall.The complete content of the props that can or cannot be inherited to “eFootball 2022” has been Official website Open to the public.

Like game consoles and PCs, the mobile version of the “eFootball” platform will also receive regular functional updates over time. In the subsequent free update, a support action controller will be added, and it will also be able to match against other players who use the controller across platforms.

Future update plan

The following is a small part of the functions and content planned to be added to this platform in the future, more details will be announced in the future:

Edit Mode

• Features that can fully customize teams, jerseys, players… etc., will be added to the supported devices for free-more details will be disclosed in the near future

Other game updates

• Supports PlayStation®5 haptic feedback and adaptive trigger

• Advanced stop

• Power Pass, Power Shot, and other special kicks

• Support mobile controller

•Complete cross-platform matchmaking (PC, game console, mobile device)

Highlights of eFootball 2022

• Use the Unreal engine to make a brand new game, and achieve many improvements inside and outside the stadium. And use KONAMI original football engine to control the game system part.

• Free to play, providing a fair and balanced experience for everyone, Pay to Win becomes Play to Win!

• Unite the community, you can play “eFootball” on game consoles, PCs and mobile devices anytime, anywhere, with a unified server in the world, and provide cross-platform battles after release.

• The new technology of Motion Matching converts a large number of players’ movements on the court into a series of animations, and selects the most accurate and smooth movements in real time.

• Not only is the fifth-generation game console, the PC version also provides a full-spec version.

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