The launch date for Oppo Color OS 12 has been confirmed as a Chinese consumer electronics company is preparing for an imminent launch event. To greatly please its huge fan base, Oppo recently announced a new ColorOS software update. The latest update, called ColorOS 12, will be released later this month. In September of this year, the company released a poster confirming Monica of ColorOS 12. Apart from that [Poster](// It hinted at some major design changes in the design of the app. In addition, ColorOS 12 has been exposed to multiple leaks and speculations. The company’s AI assistant, Breeno, erroneously revealed the exact date of the launch of ColorOS 12 last month. This image was shared on Weibo by Tarekomi, who suggests that the latest UI will be released on September 13th at 3:00 pm (GMT + 8). This date was later changed to another response, “Coming soon. Please wait.” But a few days ago, the company confirmed that ColorOS 12 would be available this month. Oppo Color OS 12 release date According to a report from ITHome, Oppo announced that ColorOS 12 will be announced at a launch event in China on September 16th. The event starts at 18:00 local time. The long-awaited successor to ColorOS 11, codenamed “DaVinci,” is based on the Android 12 operating system. It boasts a range of new features as well as functionality. Oppo referred to Weibo’s official account and stated that Leonardo da Vinci is the most skilled person in the fields of science, technology and art. The famous Talekomi Digital Chat Station shared the following UI promotional poster on social media. The poster features smartwatches, tablets and smartphones, suggesting that the new ColorOS version will support all three devices. In addition, this may indicate that Oppo is working on the first tablet in history. On the downside, ColorOS 12 can quickly become unavailable on these devices.Report from [MySmartPrice](// Oppo explains that it will wait until Google releases a stable Android 12 OS update. Function (expected) If the rumors of doing rounds online go by, the new Oppo software comes with cross-screen interconnect capabilities. This is very similar to Huawei’s multi-screen collaboration. In addition to running on Oppo devices, the new ColorOS 12 can run on many OnePlus branded mobile phones in China. It’s worth noting here that the global OnePlus phone will continue to run the Oxygen OS. Oppo is reportedly planning to incorporate some traits from Chinese Android skins such as Hydrogen OS and Smartisan OS. In addition, the company may adopt key features such as Meizu’s Flyme and Xiaomi’s MIUI. Given that Realme is a subbrand of Oppo, Realme devices may also receive ColorOS 12. please remember. Oppo has made some minor changes to ColorOS to create the Reame UI. Oppo Color OS 12 to be released in China on September 16th