[Technology] Report: China Discovers More Cryptocurrency Miners Stealing Electricity China is said to have discovered many cryptocurrency mining operations that steal electricity from universities, state-owned enterprises and government agencies. Bloomberg [report](//www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-10-15/china-finds-banned-cryptominers-siphoning-power-at-state-firms) Many Chinese media and government agencies have explained the crackdown on these electric thieves. For example, Jiangsu miners are said to have used 260,000 kilowatt hours of electricity daily, even though one-fifth of the 4,500 IP addresses associated with illegal mining date back to public institutions. I am. Report also quoted [statement](//mp.weixin.qq.com/s/kgJiy57QKyk9Xpli-y2o2w) The Zhejiang Provincial Government claims that 183 mining projects use public resources.The statement also included photos of mining rigs seized from these operations, just in case. [Watching Malaysian police destroy](//www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/malaysian-police-steamrolled-bitcoin-mining-equipment) A bunch of similar equipment wasn’t quite satisfactory. Not uncommon for cryptocurrency miners [Steal power](//www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/british-police-find-bitcoin-miners-instead-of-drug-farmers) .. Electricity is expensive and if miners can get rid of their recurring costs, they can improve their profits. However, you will need to purchase dedicated mining hardware or all graphics cards on the market. But stealing electricity from Chinese public institutions is especially troublesome after China has banned the mining industry. China’s ban previously began in a few states [Spread all over the country](//www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/bitcoin-prices-fall-china-mine-closures) During the summer.State government [I was cornering](//www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/china-tracking-down-illicit-crypto-miners) Mining work against the ban [People’s Bank of China declared](//www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/peoples-bank-china-declares-cryptocurrency-illegal) All cryptocurrency related transactions were illegal in September. Currently, these efforts have been confirmed and shown to be successful. Cryptocurrency mining [Energy usage](//www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/nyt-bitcoin-electricity-usage-report) The main reason for this crackdown remains. A Zhejiang statement claimed that miners were blocking plans to become carbon-neutral, and Bloomberg reported that coal shortages were blocking much of China’s electricity supply in recent months. On the other hand, e-CNY, a digital currency unique to the Chinese government, [Expand reach](//www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/china-digital-yuan-passes-5-billion-transactions) at the same time. https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/china-reportedly-finds-crypto-miners-stealing-power Report: China Discovers More Cryptocurrency Miners Stealing Electricity