Economy China property: Default risks for other developers, PBOC on Evergrande

All eyes will be on Chinese real estate developer Sinic Holdings, which warned last week it’s not likely to repay offshore bonds worth $250 million due on Monday. On Friday, another developer, China Properties Group, said it had defaulted on $226 million worth of notes.

Bitcoin closed in on a record high after a US bitcoin ETF started trading

Bitcoin prices climbed toward a record high after the first US exchange-traded fund for the digital asset started trading.

Environment Facebook to create 10,000 jobs in EU to help build ‘metaverse ‘

Facebook and other tech firms envision the metaverse as a world where people lead their social and professional lives virtually, via virtual reality headsets such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift

Foxconn reveals ‘Foxtron’ EV brand, teases new cars and electric bus

Foxconn wasn’t kidding about getting into the car building business, and it has a lot to share next week.

Health In a First, Surgeons Attached a Pig Kidney to a Human — and It Worked

Surgeons in New York have successfully attached a kidney grown in a genetically altered pig to a human patient and found that the organ worked normally, a scientific breakthrough that one day may yield a vast new supply of organs for severely ill patients.

EXCLUSIVE WHO-led programme aims to buy antiviral COVID-19 pills for $10

A World Health Organization-led programme to ensure poorer countries get fair access to COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments aims to secure antiviral drugs for patients with mild symptoms for as little as $10 per course, a draft document seen by Reuters says.

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