Xiaomi has boasted of yet another achievement for its OLED TVs. They have taken over half of the Chinese market.

Liu Weibing, one of the vice presidents of Xiaomi, said that the company owns every second OLED TV sold in China . The statistics were obtained on September 30, 2021, but it is not clear what period it covers. Perhaps we are talking about the third quarter.

Xiaomi solutions are the most popular OLED TVs in many Chinese stores. The most recent models are Mi TV 6 OLED 55 “and 65”, as well as Mi TV Master OLED 77 “, which were presented at the end of summer.

The company itself admits that OLED TVs are not yet very popular in general. Their market share is still small. Users prefer more affordable solutions, so Xiaomi, although it plans to continue paying attention to this niche, still wants to focus on the release of LCD TVs.