When the company first appeared at a US Congressional hearing, TikTok chief Michael Beckerman said he [does not give information to the Chinese government](//www.reuters.com/technology/tiktok-tells-us-lawmakers-it-does-not-give-information-chinas-government-2021-10-26/) and sought to protect US data. Reuters reports: Michael Beckerman, TikTok’s public policy manager for the Americas, became the company’s first executive to appear before Congress, testifying before a subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee. Republicans in particular pressured Beckerman to be concerned about TikTok’s handling of app user data. Senator Marsha Blackburn, the top Republican on the panel, said she was concerned about TikTok’s data collection, including audio and a user’s location, and the potential for the Chinese government to access to information. Blackburn asked Beckerman if TikTok could resist giving data to the Chinese government if documents were to be demanded. “We do not share information with the Chinese government,” Beckerman replied.

Asked by Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Beckerman said TikTok had “no affiliation” with Beijing ByteDance Technology, a ByteDance entity in which the Chinese government took a stake and a seat on the board of directors this year. Beckerman also said that US TikTok user data is stored in the United States, with backups in Singapore. “We have a world-renowned US-based security team managing access,” Beckerman said. Republican Senator John Thune said TikTok may be more focused on content algorithms than even Facebook, because the app is known to quickly learn what users find interesting and bring them these kinds of videos. Beckerman said TikTok would be willing to provide the app’s algorithm moderation policies for the Senate panel to have independent experts review.

TikTok tells US lawmakers it is not giving information to China

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