Digital China, one of China's largest PC parts distributors, and AMD have announced the formation of a strategic alliance for the Chinese DIY PC market.

Digital China will distribute AMD's Boxed CPUs through all its distribution channels and will provide after-sales support, which is expected to help AMD catch up with Intel in the Chinese PC market. According to domestic market research company, CCID Consulting, the total CPU sales in China last year were worth $3.5 billion, including 38% of the DIY market. Predictions are that the DIY market will grow by 16.6% this year.

The two companies will also build 500 Digital China-AMD pro-shops in China to enhance the brand image of AMD. Although AMD is the second biggest player in the world's CPU market, it has been lagging behind its arch-rival Intel on the Chinese market because of a lack of strong partners in China and the influence of Intel on Chinese computer makers.


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