Primeton Technologies announced today it has successfully completed contract signings with Digital China, Jiangsu Tianze Infoindustry and Beijing Centergate Technologies.

Primeton EOS will be used in the contracted projects including, Henan Key Account management system and the Nanjing and Suzhou Intra-city Intelligent Bus Dispatch System based on GPS. On March 15, Beijing Centergate Technologies announced that they would adopt a Primeton EOS-based solution to initiate their contracted "Golden Administration Project for Shandong Industry & Commerce," which would cover 17 cities and regions around Shandong province. Up to now, Primeton EOS has been used successfully in a variety of key industries, ushering in an era of radical transformation in software development models, with component technology as its core.

Through the above-mentioned projects, involving different industries and enterprises, we can find some similarities in the problems they encountered: complicated customer requirements, tight timeframe, constantly changing features and specifications, while at the same time, they all want rapid development, prompt responsiveness and adaptive end products. The province-wide "Golden Administration Project" is an integral part comprising the packaged projects of "Three Golden Projects" and "Shandong on Internet." The project is designed to establish a robust environment for information systems, streamlining rules and speculations monitoring commerce and industry operations, and improving service quality. The Shandong Administration of Commerce and Industry has laid great emphasis on this project.

Nanjing intra-city Intelligent Bus Dispatch System based on GPS is a kind of intelligent transportation system, related feature modules include: order entry, complaints recording, dispatching and monitoring, IC card settlement and tax control system. It offers users access to information queries, providing rich databases for transportation management centers. Its long goal is to realize reservations via mobile phone short messages.


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