Verity Inc., a provider of enterprise software that enables organizations to maximize the return on their intellectual capital investment, today announced that the International Trade Promotion Council of the Ministry of Agriculture has selected Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) advanced search and classification software for use on its Internet Web site.

The International Trade Promotion Council is responsible for bringing together corporations in China and around the world to facilitate relationships and trade in agriculture. To do its job more effectively, the Council needed to be able to quickly and easily access the information on its Web site. Verity's K2E will also be used by the Council to crawl through content dealing with agricultural matters on public Web sites operated by other countries, the United Nations and within China, and to index that information for quick, accurate search. Two sets of customer-defined taxonomies will be created, in Chinese and English, to organize collections of potential import-export agricultural products and trade opportunities for the Council.


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