Trolltech today announced that Datang Mobile has chosen Trolltech's Qtopia Phone Edition development platform and user interface as the software for its Linux-based mobile phone reference platform. The first commercial phone for the Datang Mobile TD-SCDMA Linux mobile phone platform is expected to be available in the first half of 2005 in China, where it has demonstrated excellent performance in MTNET testing, early network deployment, and pre-commercial trial networks.

Datang Mobile is the sponsor and promoter of the TD-SCDMA standard, which was adopted by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) in May 2000 and by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) in March 2001 as one of the three primary standards of third-generation wireless technology (3G).

"A clear leader in 3G mobile communications, Datang Mobile has played a major role in establishing technology standards for the wireless industry," said Haavard Nord, Trolltech CEO. "By choosing Qtopia for its TD-SCDMA mobile phone Linux reference platform, Datang is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to developing wireless solutions that are defining the future of mobile communications — where open systems, innovation and vendor control will be key factors to success."

Trolltech's Qtopia Phone is a customizable development platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile phones. It extends the flexibility and cost-savings benefits of Linux to mobile phones and serves as an alternative to proprietary platforms such as Windows Mobile and Symbian. The Qtopia Phone architecture provides functionality for complete device software design and maximum developer productivity.

The first Datang mobile phone solution is a TD-SCDMA LCR handset based on Texas Instruments' OMAP1510 processor and the Qtopia-Linux platform. It supports telephony, video telephony, an Internet browser, MMS, WAP, media player and other typical 3G functionality. Datang Mobile will promote the reference design for its Qtopia-Linux mobile phone total solution to the wireless industry.

"Qtopia Phone represents the first commercially-available application platform for Linux-based mobile devices, and it is becoming a standard in the industry," said Mr Chu qing, vice-general manager of Shanghai Datang. "Qtopia Phone provides a comprehensive, sophisticated, and customizable environment and user interface that capitalizes on the strengths of the open source Linux operating system. It lets manufacturers easily develop mobile phones that combine speech, video, Internet — all the features that are required in new devices."


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