China TieTong has begun migration to a Cisco (CSCO) IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) for the latest expansion of its CRNET backbone.

The new network is expected to increase coverage to 250 cities from the current 129, further boosting the customer base through increased number of transmission routes and capacity.

IP NGN is a Cisco strategy enabling service provider migration to all-Internet Protocol (IP) networks. IP NGN deployment will increase China TieTong's ability to deliver innovative new services, improve its operational and capital expenditure efficiencies and advance the network and service control that it and its customers need for long-term business success.

China TieTong's CRNET backbone network is the first large-scale IP/MPLS broadband carrier network, with bandwidth of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), in China to feature uniform management and centralized dispatching.

For this latest expansion, CRNET will employ the Cisco 12416 Router and the Cisco 7304 Router, among other products, to significantly boost the processing capacity of the network.

China TieTong was formerly known as China Railcom.


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