The latest survey report of software provider Sophos shows that in the first quarter of this year China and the United States were still hosting the majority of malicious websites, with China alone accounting for 41.1% of the world's total viruses.

In the first quarter of this year, Sophos identified an average of 5000 virus-infected webpages each day, and it found that most of the websites containing viruses were hosted in either China or the United States. In March, China hosted 35.6% of the virus websites and the U.S. accounted for 32.3%.

The nine most serious virus-infested website hosting countries are China (41.1%); the U.S. (29.2%); Russia (4.6%); Germany (4.6%); Ukraine (3.9%); Britain (3.0%); France (2.2%); Netherlands (1.9%); and South Korea (1.3%).


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