Blue Bamboo, a China-based manufacturer and designer of POS terminals and transaction peripherals, says that its H50 terminal has been certified under China UnionPay, which formulates operational regulations and technical standards for cross-bank card transactions nationwide in China.

Blue Bamboo's all-in-one wireless H50 is a versatile handheld POS terminal supporting GPRS, contactless, dial-up and Bluetooth connectivity. Coupled with a multi-application platform including credit, debit, gift and loyalty payment, the H50 enables mobile professionals to receive electronic payments in a simple, portable and affordable manner.

"Blue Bamboo's presence in China dates back to 2003. We have accumulated significant experience and are now positioned become a strong market player, thanks to our relationships with the domestic banks and resellers," said Jason Jones, CEO of Blue Bamboo.


  1. No manual, battery last 3 to 4 hours on standby, so in order to keep the battery from going dead you have to turn it on and off every transaction. Does not have sleep mode as far as I can tell (no manual), also the people who got my business (merchant warehouse) will not return my phone calls. I tried four days in a row. I can't find extra batteries or thermal paper for it. It might turn out to be a good machine once the bugs are taken out, but I'm stuck with it until then. Even the Blue Bamboo website does not have a electronic operating manual.


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