China's Ministry of Information Industry has rolled out a "Three Who" principle for purifying the Internet environment.

The new principles are succinctly translated as whoever is in charge of it shall be responsible for it; whoever operates it shall be responsible for it; and whoever provides access service to it shall be responsible for it. These forthright principles are a call to all system administrators throughout China to be ever vigilant against the ugly scourge of unclean Internet content, superstitious cult talk, and Chinese porn.

Since April, MII has been carrying out a special campaign against online porn and says it has made dramatic achievements. According to Zhao Zhiguo, deputy director of the Telecom Management Bureau of MII, they have straightened out the Internet and mobile phone service market and rectified the Internet access market, mobile phone information, and mobile charging policies. Under the supervision of the communications department, each telecom companies have taken various measures to self-check and self-correct themselves, according to Zhao.

Since the campaign was launched, more than 900 illegal websites have been closed, over 4800 information columns on websites have been terminated, and 130 internet access service providers punished.


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