ZTE has formally signed a GSM expansion contract with China Mobile's Pakistan holding company CMPAK.

ZTE will use its new generation All-IP V3 hardware platform based equipment for the expansion which will cover 10 million DPI core network and more than 1400 base stations and relevant value-added service.

The two Chinese telecom companies' cooperation in a foreign country represents the rapid progress that China has made in the telecom industry, said Wang Qiqiang, president of ZTE East Asia. Guo Yonghong, CEO of CMPAK, said that they are pleased to enter cooperation with ZTE and hope that they can form long-term partnership through this cooperation to promote the rapid expansion of CMPAK in Pakistan.

In recent years, ZTE has been increasing its investment in GSM. It has taken a lead in realizing an IP unified hardware development platform, launching a GSM version BBU+RRU solution and the double module Pico base station S8001.


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