China Mobile (CHL) has invited 26 major telecom operators across the world to come to Beijing to discuss international cooperation on mobile phone roaming services during Beijing Olympic Games.

Wang Jianzhou, president of China Mobile, says he hopes that each of the operators can greatly reduce their international roaming fees during next year's Beijing Olympic Games and China Mobile would like to take practical measures to provide preferential pricing for all international operators.

Wang says China Mobile would like to cooperate with international operators to provide preferential international roaming fees during the Olympic Games and offer foreign travelers the same convenient mobile communications service as that of their own respective countries.

Wang says that as of November 28, 2007, China Mobile had launched GSM international roaming services with 337 operators from 230 countries and regions and GPRS international roaming services with 185 operators from 159 countries and regions. In addition, China Mobile had opened mutually connected international SMS services with 262 operators in 110 countries and regions and MMS with 74 operators in 44 countries and regions.


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