Alimama, an online advertising business unit of Chinese online e-commerce service provider Alibaba, has announced plans to provide a better after-sales service for its online advertisers.

Alimama is recruiting credible small and medium-sized websites. It says it will provide a "3 Packets of Plans" to qualified websites by ensuring their profit-making, guaranteeing their compensation and recommending businesses to them.

In the initial stage, Alimama will choose several thousand websites and mark each of them with a "3 Packets of Plans" sign. After making sure that each of these websites has a real-name certification and stable traffic, Alimama will purchase advertising placement from them to ensure that they will earn stable income.

Wu Yongming, general manager of Alimama, says they hope to build a basic standard for online advertisements and improve the service of the online advertisement sector through the "3 Packets of Plans".


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