During the signing of a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Municipal Informatization Commission, China Mobile (CHL) (Shanghai) disclosed that the company would build more than 3000 3G base stations in Shanghai and apply such advanced wireless broadband technology as Wi-Fi and HSDPA throughout the city's wireless infrastructure.

A representative from China Mobile (Shanghai) said that China Mobile would construct 3000 TD-SCDMA base stations in Shanghai this year as a part of its effort to realize full wireless broadband coverage of the city.

China Mobile (Shanghai) said it would bring WLAN wireless coverage to a convenient number of 666 Olympics-related venues before August this year and would realize full coverage of broadband for the World Expo in Shanghai by 2010. It will launch wireless community services on a trial basis and improve its mobile political affairs service. The political affairs service keeps Chinese citizens in touch with their local communities via SMS and local government websites.

There are currently about 6000 2G base stations in Shanghai.


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