China's Ministry of Information Industry issued a circular on yesterday in which it says that it will carry out a special campaign against spam short messages across the country before the end of this year.

MII says users can report spam short messages through such platforms as 12321 Online Bad Information and Spam Message Reporting Center during the campaign.

The campaign reportedly will focus on information service operators' sending of spam short messages, industry short message terminal's abuse of spam message, the abuse sending of advertising short messages, group sending equipment of manufacturing or sales messages and abuse sending of messages between networks.

MII asks telecom operators to strengthen management, close down the terminals of spam message senders and include them in to a blacklist. In addition, it says that it will provide anti-spam message service and relevant software downloading service for consumers as soon as possible.

The campaign will be done in four schedules. From the circular issuance date to June 30 is the period for self-checking, July 1-July 31 is the period for collective checking, August 1 to October 31 is the period for consolidating and improving and November 1-December 31 is the period for conclusion and promotion.


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