According to the Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce's report on quality of mobile phone batteries, chargers and wire and cable products sold in Guangdong in the third quarter of 2008, of 249 batches of products produced by 113 companies, 144 batches failed to meet the relevant Chinese standards and the pass rate was only 42.2%.

The report says mobile phone batteries produced in Zhuhai, Dongguan and Huizhou all passed the tests while the pass rate of those produced in Guangzhou was only 38.5%, which was the lowest among the tested cities. At the same time, a battery product produced by Sanyo Energy (Beijing) Co., Ltd. under the brand Nokia was on the blacklist.

The spot test report says that the Nokia BL-5B (3.7V820mAH) battery with the production date or batch number of 2007 was substandard in its 0.2C5A discharge performance, 1C5A discharge performance and overcharge protection performance.

Nokia's battery products have been famous for their good quality, so whether the tested product is an authentic Nokia battery or not is still an open question. Xiao Yangwu, director for the Consumer Protection Department of Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce, says the administration has sent the test report to relevant companies, but they have not yet received any feedback from the manufacturers.


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