The Internet Society of China has set up the Network Credit Promotion Alliance with,,, and

The alliance will arrange experts for special studies of Internet and e-commerce credibility, and gradually launch services like website real name verification; network credit certification; information exchange and sharing among alliance members; building pre-warning platforms for counterfeit information; and handling online complaints to protect the interest of Internet users and companies.

The six initiators are said to have jointly signed a proposal in which they call on Internet service providers and people who are concerned with network credit to join in the alliance and participate in its construction of a long-term mechanism while also fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities in promoting network credit and doing their part to the construction of credible, transparent and green Internet service.

Huang Chengqing, secretary general of ISC, says that with an Internet population of 298 million, China has become the world's largest Internet user country, so without solving the credibility problem, China's internet service will never become a mainstream industry.


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