The Chongqing government recently held a TD-SCDMA industry investment meeting to build China's first 3G industrial zone and wireless technology park, drawing 18 investment projects from many technology companies, including IBM and Infineon, with total mobile investment intentions of CNY15.63 billion.

Located in the consumer electronics industrial park of Chongqing Chayuan New City, the Chongqing TD-SCDMA industrial base will focus on the construction of a whole-value chain model, covering chips, terminals and applications.

In addition, the base will implement development in six sectors: setting up the first mobile phone testing and authorization center in the western area of China; the development and design of TD-SCDMA chips; the manufacturing of TD-SCDMA terminals; the manufacturing of systems-related equipment; the application software and various value-added services; and the electronics equipment and product market.

Huang Qifan, executive vice mayor of Chongqing, said the city welcomes these TD-SCDMA industry elites to enter the base with technologies and leave it with money. The Chongqing government will provide preferential tax and financing policies to attract top companies from all fields to settle in the 3G zone.

Huang said the TD-SCDMA industrial park will finally form three industrial clusters, including 3G core chips, 3G hardware terminals and 3G application services. At the same time, it is expected to achieve a industrial scale of CNY10 billion and direct sales of over CNY100 billion in three years. By 2015, its output value will be about CNY151 billion.


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