In light of recent deaths at the facilities of the original equipment manufacturer Foxconn, Shenzhen Municipal Federation of Trade Unions has published the investigation results on the suicide incidents at Foxconn.

According to local media reports, Wang Tongxin, vice chairman of SMFTU, stated that the immediate investigations conducted by SMFTU found that Foxconn had not breached any laws in the process and it had adopted necessary and timely measures after the incidents happened. However, Wang added that the incidents reflected the loopholes in the company's management system.

Wang said that Foxconn needs to learn lessons from the incidents and set up a humanitarian care system for its employees, most of whom were born in the 80's and even 90's, so they are all quite young. Wang said employees at this age have a strong desire in changing the existing management mode, corporate rules and operation methods, so Foxconn should make proper adjustment and offer necessary guidance for their education and mental development.

Wang said that the trade unions at Foxconn shall further their roles in listening to the voices of the employees and do more work on the company's democratic management.

Since later January 2010, six Foxconn workers have jumped from high buildings in an attempt to kill themselves. Four have succeeded and two were seriously injured.


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