SAP has announced plans to hire hundreds of new employees in China and India over the next few quarters to accelerate its expansion in Asia.

According to reports in foreign media, 16% of SAP's operating revenue was from the Asia Pacific region, including Japan.

An executive from SAP said that SAP's goal is to increase the number of its employees in China and India by 200 and 300, respectively. At present, the company has 2,600 employees in China and 5,500 in India.

Stephen Watts, president for SAP Asia Pacific and Japan, said that SAP will hire most new employees in China and India. The company now has about 11,500 employees in the Asia Pacific region, including Japan; and it has the largest subsidiary in India. SAP plan to add new consulting, financial management, and technical support staff in India.

Watts said the development of the Asian market is faster than other regions around the world and the development is sustainable. He also revealed that the company may implement merge and acquisition in the marketplace.


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