According to information from the Office of Taiwan Affairs of Huaian, Jiangsu province, the new Apple components production line invested by Foxconn will complete construction in the city in October 2012.

With total investments of USD210 million, the new Apple components production line covers a construction area of about 40,000 square meters. On its completion, it will provide jobs for 35,800 people and is expected to achieve annual output of between CNY6 billion and CNY7 billion.

Foxconn started building plants in Jiangsu's Huaian in 2007, and its total planned investments reached over USD2.2 billion. So far, the company has invested USD1.102 billion in the city, establishing eight enterprises with total construction areas of 1.48 million square meters and over 40,000 employees. These enterprises are mainly engaged in the production of electronic connectors, cable components, precision moulds, electronic equipment, and high-density circuit boards.

Prior to this, Foxconn announced plans to build its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai. The new headquarters is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2015, and it will include research, development, and sales units as well as its e-commerce center.


  1. Great, more suicides in Jiangsu now, just what we need. Why doesn't Foxconn eff off back to Taiwan and enslave its own people or use robots instead of torturing and mistreating simple and good Chinese folk over here? For that matter, why doesn't Apple, Dell and HP start showing some solidarity and social responsibility and manufacture its products in the USA and Europe. All this globalization has bought nothing more than tears and anguish to jobless europeans and asian female slave workers. Time to wake up people and smell the global excrement being shoved down our throats by ruthless International Capitalists and Chinese National Socialists!


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