The Antelope Valley Transit Authority announced in in the United States that they have ordered 85 electric buses from China's BYD to promote its 100% electric public transit fleet program.

This is reportedly BYD's latest major electric bus order in the U.S. following Long Beach, California's order of 60 buses from the company in 2015.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Company Limited, said that this new order of 85 electric buses further proved the American market's recognition of BYD products and it enhanced BYD's confidence in developing within the American market.

Wang said BYD was being challenged when it first entered the American market two years ago; however, over two years of trials, the company proved the reliability of Chinese products in America. In addition, BYD's factory in the United States provided jobs to local people and made contributions to energy saving and urban air quality improvement.

Wang says that the electric bus sector expects high-speed development and a large demand in America over the next three years. By further improving its products, BYD is very confident in its future.


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