Coocaa recently announced its formal entry into the air conditioning industry and the company launched its series products.

Meanwhile, Coocaa said that they will implement strategic cooperation with Alibaba to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to young people from small towns.

According to official introduction, Coocaa air conditioner is positioned as young fashion smart appliances and the company will focus on the development of energy efficiency products. In 2020, Coocaa air conditioner will also develop new retail via Tmall Jinhuobao platform.

With the help of Tmall Jinhuobao platform, Coocaa air conditioner will realize a full upgrade from production supply chain to consumer supply chain. Tmall Jinhuobao platform will allow Coocaa air conditioner to connect directly with channels, which will remove lots of middle links and improve product flow efficiency.

In addition, Coocaa air conditioner will build a visual data platform to provide digitization capability, financial product, channel management expansion, warehousing and delivery service system, and supply chain collaboration to lower procurement cost of channel providers and increase profit space of customers.

It is said that Coocaa air conditioner will establish 1,000 core sites in the Chinese market.


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