Alibaba's DingTalk formally launched an intelligent OA product "OA Approval", which will be offered to 15 million companies and organizations for free.

By opening workflow and approval flow engine, DingTalk provides small and medium-sized enterprises with OA collaboration services with comprehensive scenarios, easy customization and low operating thresholds. It will help realize the full-link digitization of enterprise management processes and business processes, and solve the problems of human, financial and material management in one stop.

The new DingTalk intelligent OA Approval provides functions like intelligent approval, data and information forms, form association, and intelligent analysis and statistics, which are provided to all users for free. Meanwhile, it will open technical capabilities to ecological partners and build an intelligent OA platform ecosystem. At present, the "OA Approval" is available on DingTalk to replace the original "approval" application.

Guo Zhen, head of DingTalk intelligent office application, said that OA Approval is a comprehensive upgrade based on the original DingTalk intelligent approval. In response to the difficulties in business process management in various industries, a number of OA collaboration functions such as data and information forms, intelligent analysis and statistics, and association forms have been newly introduced.

Guo said that OA is the hub for business management digitalization. Through DingTalk's OA Approval, all links of the enterprise are connected and data linkage and collaboration are realized. It will reversely promote data-assisted business operation, management and production, so that business innovation can be further realized accurately and quickly.


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