The war on leaks is not new. Apple has long used certain gadgets to prevent confidential information from circulating. On this occasion, the Cupertino company has sent a cease and desist letter to a leaker. It has also asked you to provide information on your sources. As required Motherboard , the law firm Fangda Partnersa asked an alleged reseller of products stolen from Chinese factories to stop buying, advertising and selling leaked Apple devices. Along these lines, and through the cease and desist letter, he requested a list of all those who provide him with the devices. Apple’s legal representatives in China asked the leaker to sign a document committing to comply with the previous request within 14 days after receiving the letter. This, by the way, is an instrument that has no legal power and proceeds as a warning. Apple seeks to stop the leaks “He has disclosed a large amount of information related to previously unreleased and rumored Apple products without authorization, constituting a deliberate infringement of trade secrets“You can read the document. It indicates that the company has evidence of the unauthorized disclosure of that information. “Its intentional infringement manifests itself specifically as: sharing unpublished information about new Apple products through social media platforms, including, but not limited to, the design and performance of these new products,” the text adds. The “cease and desist” letter is a resource frequently used by corporations to protect their brand. In essence, as you can see at the beginning, you want a person or organization to stop an activity and not resume it later. In the event that the recipient does not comply with the request, the company, in this case Apple, can take legal action. According to the information provided by the aforementioned technological medium, there is a whole dark market for leaks. Some Chinese employees of Apple or Foxconn (the main partner of the apple brand) steal hardware from the Longhua factories in Shenzhen. This is bought by resellers who give them to collectors, pirates or leakers.