The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said on Sunday that it is collaborating with the police in the investigation of an alleged case of sexual abuse after an employee accused her boss of raping her after a business dinner late last month.

The woman published her version of events on social media this Saturday and said that an executive from Taoxianda, an online supermarket group belonging to Alibaba, forced her to attend a work dinner in Jinan city on July 27. , where she was forced to drink alcohol, was disturbed with clear intentions of a sexual nature from a client and was later raped by her own boss in the hotel room.

The employee said that she reported the incident to Alibaba’s senior executives, but her complaint was ineffective and the attacker was not fired. So the woman decided to take matters into her own hands and on Friday went to the Hangzhou-based company’s dining room and used a loudspeaker to tell what she had suffered. However, the security guards did not allow him to finish his story.

In an internal letter this Sunday collected by Chinese media, including South China Morning Post , and whose veracity was confirmed by company representatives, Alibaba President and CEO Daniel Zhang Yong wrote that he was “shocked, angry and embarrassed” upon learning of the case and demanded a thorough investigation, assuring that the company has the “zero tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct”.

He also assured that they suspended the people suspected of violating their “policies and values” and created an internal task force to investigate the case and cooperate with the Jinan Police, which is currently seeking relevant evidence from the investigation.