China has recently increased restrictions on minors’ management of entertainment and games. Just as the National Press and Publication Administration made a public notice to prevent minors from indulging in online games, e-sports events were shaken up simultaneously. Many events such as League of Legends, Glory of the King, Elite of Peace… and many other events have been suspended for minors Participate. Related Reading:China restricts “minors can only play for one hour,” and many game players are eager to keep up with the policy In addition to the suspension of minors’ qualifications today, the KPL Professional League of “Glory of Kings” will change the 2021 season waiting list, draft and transfer methods, and the “Peace Elite” PEL Professional League stated that it will look for qualified jobs for minors. Tengjing Sports, which dominates the “League of Legends” LPL professional event, and the “League of Legends” mobile game events, also stated that they will cooperate with government regulations. As soon as the news came out, many underage players who had joined the e-sports team expressed their helplessness. Weibo also flooded with public opinion that “professional players” is already a “professional”, not “merely addicted to games”; The new regulations are bound to deal a heavy blow to the development of youth training in China’s e-sports events. There is even more public opinion that if e-sports is to be included as a part of sports, then e-sports should not be regarded as “entertainment” and must be cultivated from an early age like other “sports.” .