[Chinese “Didi” launches its services to compete with “Uber” in Egypt] DiDi, a Chinese transportation technology platform, has officially launched its services in the Middle East, and will start providing Waslny, Waslny Plus and Didi Express services in Alexandria on September 13, according to a statement. Uber owns a 12% stake in China’s Didi, making it the second largest investor in the company after SoftBank, according to a CNBC report. Didi is one of China’s largest companies, and the Beijing government seeks to control it by investing in state-owned companies. The entry of the Chinese smart transportation giant is expected to increase competition in the Egyptian market, especially after the recent entry of the Russian application, InDriver, which limits Uber’s control after its acquisition of Careem. Didi said it will offer a welcome package worth 150 pounds, including discount coupons for new users, and will offer free trips worth 25 pounds every Thursday for 4 weeks to its customers. The company added that it will not receive any fees from drivers during the first four weeks of launching the service, with drivers being given a financial reward if he makes 10 trips during the first week of registration, and the driver will receive a reward of 25 pounds for each successful new user invitation, in addition to To a tiered reward system that the “Captain” gets when he achieves a certain number of invites and receives a welcome pack (150 pounds of coupons). . This data comes from MediaIntel.Asia's Media Intelligence and Media Monitoring Platform . Original URL: [Click here to visit original article]