[Audio] [Coronavirus] [Interviews] [Media] [Morning Conversations] [News] [Photos] Bradford’s Money Outlook on the Semiconductor War With China FIND OUT WHAT BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING AT BRADFORD! Shallon Weis, CFP, AIF, Financial Advisor email: [[email protected]]([email protected]) Jarrod Raimann, Financial Advisor email: [[email protected]](jarro[email protected]) Bradford Financial Center / 215 North Main, Clarion, Iowa 50525 / 180 E. 5th Street, Garner, Iowa 50438 Call: 515-532-6661 or Toll-Free: 800-348-4419 http://www.bradfordfinancialcenter.com/ Is Afghanistan a distraction from a much larger conflict with China? As news outlets and U.S. citizens have been focusing their undivided attention on the conflict in Afghanistan, many are missing the potential war over semiconductors brewing between China, Taiwan and the U.S. Click on the audio link below to learn more.