?PS4 / Nintendo Switch Traditional Chinese version, the supported languages are Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English. [The following content provides the original information for the manufacturer] Pioneer of Fire Fighting ?Is a multiplayer cooperative firefighting action game. Players must rush into a burning building with countless dangers, valuables, and the most advanced security system. Strike fire, save lives, rescue items, and earn life-changing wealth. Purchase high-tech tools and new costumes with advanced upgrades to unlock refreshing gameplay. Game Features Players can play alone, or online players can form emergency response teams 25 unique levels in 3 regions.Every level has traps, threats, and escalating dangers Break in, smash windows, repair circuits, solve gas leakage, and avoid security systems Get five-star reviews to attract customers’ attention.When you are short on hand, you might as well steal some valuables while the customer is not paying attention Use a variety of tools, upgrades, vehicles and clothing to create the ultimate exclusive fire experience .