When we talk about online commerce, the main store that comes to mind is Amazon. The platform’s main pillar is to put the consumer first. But that didn’t stop suffering from brands trying to take advantage of the “system”. As we’ve reported in the past, relatively well-known brands like Aukey have been banned by Amazon accused of having too many products with false reviews (buyer reviews) or encouraged by sellers. Aukey or RAVPower are two of the Chinese brands targeted by the ban In an interview with China Central Television, Cindy Tai, vice president of Amazon, said this week that more than 3000 vendor accounts on the platform have been banned. These would be linked to around 600 Chinese brands, including the aforementioned Aukey or also RAVPower. The Amazon executive claims that this action is not intended to target China or any other country. Even because he claims that these closures had no negative impact on the general increase in sellers from China on Amazon. The measure is only intended to end with false reviews or encouraged by sellers. And it surfaced again after gaining a voice in a Wall Street Journal article in June. Sellers try to exchange gift cards for positive reviews Journalist Nicole Nguyen claimed to date that fake reviews continued to be a problem at Amazon, reporting her experience buying a charger from RAVPower. This order will have reached the journalist with a gift card that would be usable in exchange for a positive review. It is important to note that this is a practice repudiated by Amazon. Aroged editors recommend: