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Video games are not the only medium that will receive a limitation in China , and we say this because the Asian country has just implemented a new regulatory measure to TikTok in minors. Douyin , the version of TikTok China, has received a new “youth mode” that basically limits its use to 40 minutes per day for all those who are under 14 years old. To avoid any fraud, parents must be the ones who register their children to effectively activate this measure.

Specifically, those under 14 years of age in China they can only use Douyin for 40 minutes a day, and only between 6AM and 10PM . Once this time has passed, it will be impossible for them to access the application. But as I said before, it is first necessary for parents to enable the “juvenile mode” by registering the information of these minors.

This new “youth mode” not only restricts the daily use of the application, but has also been customized to include more suitable content for minors, such as history and science videos, among others. Similarly, ByteDance , one of the largest Chinese technology companies in the region, has launched its own version of TikTok child known as Xiao Qu Xing, which only offers educational content and does not allow children to upload videos.

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