Even lower prices: 7.4% For some time now, Chinese marketplaces have been part of Brazilian shopping routine. After unstable periods, in which purchased products took months to arrive in Brazil (and often spent weeks idle at customs supervision), currently goods are received more quickly — sometimes in a matter of days, but most around a month. – How to avoid scams in international purchases – Shopee advances in Brazil with “gamification” and coupons that attract consumers – Brazilian sellers will be able to sell on AliExpress AliExpress, Shopee and Shein are some of the main companies in the segment. On these platforms, prices are competitive in the categories preferred by Brazilian consumers (electronics, clothing and beauty). This is without counting the discount coupons and, often, the free shipping offered by the websites. A survey by Instituto ReclameAqui, conducted between 21 and 26 August, with the participation of . 150 consumers, shows that customers accept the risk of these purchases: 56, 5% have already bought on Chinese platforms. According to the survey, the main complaints refer to deadline, reimbursement, tracking, service and quality. Want to catch up on the best tech news of the day? Go and subscribe to our new channel on youtube, Canaltech News. Every day a summary of the main news in the tech world for you! Buyers profile Every day a summary of the main news in the tech world for you! The items most purchased are electronics and accessories (18,1%), which include headphones, sound bars, TV sticks, graphics cards and others. Clothes come second, with 14,1%. The third most purchased category (,1%) is from beauty products (perfumes, makeup and the like). Although more and more Brazilians buy in these stores, the expenses are still timid. The majority (38, 5%) spent up to R$ 150 on the platforms in . For values up to R$ 150, they were 27, 5% of consumers, and between R$ 150 and R$ 800, 15, 8%. Only 13% spent more than R$ 800. The majority (55,1%) of buyers would like the delivery time to be shorter. For 26 .3%, after-sales customer service could be improved. For Edu Neves, CEO of ReclameAqui, the challenge is to get more confidence in this type of purchase by consumers. “They show a certain maturity, as they fear aspects such as delivery and guarantee”, he points out. “Marketplaces should try to offer more and more transparency, speed of delivery and quality in the solution of conflicts that exist in the consumer relationship.” Fear prevents purchases 1.4.1.What types of products do you have internet shopping? (multiple choice) – Electronics (headphones, tablet, notebook, TV, video game and others): , 6% – White line appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, microwave and the like): , 8% – Shoes: 11,7% 1.4.2. How often do you buy? – 1 time a week: 6% – More than once a week: 5.4% – 2 times a month: , 7% – 1 time a month: 23, 5% 1.4.3. How much have you spent on these sites this year? – Up to R$ 75: , 9% Between R$ 150 and R$ 305: 13, 4% For those who answered that they have already purchased on sites that import from China (in question 1) – The products are cheaper: ,7% – Find products that I don’t find on websites in Brazil: 15,6% – Many promotions: ,6% – Variety of products in one place: 8.8% – By referral from friends: 4.3 % 3. How often do you buy on these sites? 1 time a week: 5.1%More than once a week: 3.5% – 1 time a month: 18, 8% – More than once a month: ,3% – 1 time Every 3 months: 21, 8% – 2 times a year: 17, 9% – 1 time a year: 23,6% 4. How much have you spent on these sites this year? Up to R$ 75: 50,5% – Between BRL 82 and R$ 300: 25,5% – Between BRL 305 and R$ 600: , 8% – Between R$ 1024 and R$ 800: 6.2% – More than BRL 1024: 15% 2 . Why do you shop on these sites? 5. What types of products do you buy on these sites? (multiple choice) – Electronics and accessories (headphones, sound bars, TV sticks, graphics cards and others): 21,1 % – Clothes: 21,1% Sporting goods: 6.1% 6. What do you think you could improve on these sites? Did you like this article? Subscribe your email on Canaltech to receive daily updates with the latest news from the world of technology. 506281