Surely you have already heard the news: some 600 brands of Chinese origin have been closed in Amazon Mexico after verifying that they were trying to falsify the ratings their products received with practices not allowed by the online sales portal. This has probably made you distrust other firms and their stores that are still standing, so we thought it would not be bad to review some of the most prominent Chinese technologies that you can continue to trust without problems when it comes to make your purchases online. Take note.

Before we go over the brands you can still trust, it doesn’t hurt to get a little background. As we have already mentioned, more than 600 Chinese brands, spread over 3,000 seller accounts, has been banned from the Amazon platform due to problems with its reviews.

Apparently, these firms were dedicated to offering different types of rewards, such as gift cards, to customers who left their positive opinions on the product sheets. This, of course, helped them to have a better image, getting many to be encouraged to buy them when they saw numerous favorable reviews.

Obviously, this directly and seriously violates the policies of the company, which does not allow actions of this type: the idea of collecting and displaying user scores has always been that they be done in a disinterested way, reflecting the real opinions of the people. so other people can make better purchasing decisions.

This event has probably made you think that it is better to discard brands of Asian origin from your shopping lists, however, Amazon Mexico has many other firms that are still trusted and 100% safe to buy products based on truthful evaluations.

Among them, of course, is Xiaomi, which continues to have in circulation for example its POCO X3 Pro (at a price of $ 6,197 pesos) or its popular True Wireless headphones Redmi Airdots (at $ 338 Mexican pesos).

Another of the firms that continues to be trusted for the purchase of products is Huawei. This manufacturer has, for example, a smart watch, the Watch Fit, which is a super sales with great qualifications and that is now with a discount on the platform at $ 1,923 pesos.

Lenovo It is another firm of Chinese origin that you can also trust when taking a look at Amazon reviews. The company is especially known for its laptops, such as this highly rated IdeaPad.

Equally TP-link is another company in China that you can look at when shopping at Amazon Mexico. This firm is the largest manufacturer of SOHO networks in the Chinese market and sells WiFi repeaters and similar equipment on the web – like this model now reduced to $ 311 pesos.