Highlights – iPhone 13 Pro Hacked – Apple’s security breach – Chinese hacker hacked in a second Let us know that iPhone 13 Pro is being sold with iOS 15. It is being said that by taking advantage of this, the hacker has hacked the iPhone 13 Pro. iOS 15 has been under question due to its earlier security.Shock for Squid Game Lovers! Delete this app immediately otherwise hackers will capture your phone Chinese hacker hacked iPhone in 1 second: Actually, every year the Chengdu Cup competition is held in China. In this special competition, hackers from all over the country and the world take part and show their skills. During this Tianfu Cup competition, Chinese white hat hackers (Pangu Lab) woke up the most by hacking the iPhone 13 Pro in seconds. This is how hackers hacked iPhone 13 Pro: This hacker had sent a link on the iPhone 13 Pro through an SMS, on clicking on which the iPhone gets hacked. Not only this, hackers could also delete the entire phone’s data. As soon as the hacker clicked on this link, he had access to all the apps including the photo gallery of the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple’s poll revealed: It is worth noting that Apple has often been making big claims about the security of its iPhones. But by hacking the iPhone in a second by a hacker, the company has been exposed. Not only this, a surprising thing has also come out during this hacking. Actually, the entire process of hacking has happened in the background. Which means that the owner of the iPhone did not even know that his phone was hacked. Hackers took advantage of this: According to the report, this hacking could have happened easily because there was some flaw in the Safari browser and iOS kernel of the iPhone. Taking advantage of this, the hacker easily hacked the phone. However, it is being said that to overcome this flaw of its phone, Apple released a new update of iOS 15 a few days ago. According to the information, it cannot be installed in the hacked smartphone. In such a situation, it can also be said that the owner of the phone himself is responsible for hacking, because the company has already alerted about possible hacking and had also issued an update regarding this. iPhone 13 Pro Price: – The price of 128 GB variant of iPhone 13 Pro is Rs 1,19,900 – The price of 256 GB variant of iPhone 13 Pro is Rs 1,29,900 – The price of 512 GB variant of iPhone 13 Pro is Rs 1,49,900 – It costs Rs 1,69,900 for the 1 TB storage model Let us tell you that the company has made 1 TB storage a new trend by eliminating 64 GB of storage with its iPhone 13 series.